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They deliver agricultural inputs and land titles to farmers in Aragua

They promote productive Venezuela through 1x10 in the central entity.

During a comprehensive day held in the Ancón Productivo sector, Zamora municipality of Aragua state, land titles and yellow corn seeds were delivered to a group of 30 farmers in the area, in an effort to promote the development of productive Venezuela.

The delivery responds to the requests made by agricultural producers through the Good Government 1×10 VenApp, an action that is part of the project “Promotion of Food Security through the Multi-Actor approach for the development of the value chain of cereal and legume seeds in Venezuela” promoted by the Bolivarian Government.

The delivery was headed by the sole authority of Agriculture and Lands of the Aragüeña entity, who detailed that they delivered certified seeds of yellow corn, guanapé variety for 18 hectares to the producers of the El Ancón Itinerant School, and to cooperating producers from the Magdaleno sector.

Likewise, he indicated that they assigned seeds to producers from the municipalities of Santiago Mariño (Turmero), Sucre (Cagua), José Félix Ribas (La Victoria), Urdaneta (Barbacoas), Ocumare de la Costa de Oro, Camatagua and José Rafael Revenga (El Consejo ), which will be used in the planting of 68 hectares.

Vaccination plan and productive economy

To comply with international health guidelines and standards, the Agriculture and Lands authority reported that 100 doses of vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease and bovine rabies were applied to livestock, within the framework of the First Cycle of 2024 of the National Vaccination Plan for the Eradication of Foot and Mouth Disease in Venezuela.

On the other hand, Jhoan José Rojas, regional spokesperson for the National Land Commission, assured that the objective is to strengthen the productive economy and agri-food sovereignty, providing work instruments to the Peasants' Front.

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