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In Turmero they activate a plan to modernize traffic lights

They will have cutting-edge technology to improve vehicular traffic and pedestrian crossings.

The mayor of the Santiago Mariño municipality announced the start of the traffic light modernization project in the city of Turmero, responding to citizens' requests regarding the need to improve vehicular traffic and pedestrian crossings.

The project is part of the Right to the City Plan “Mariño Urbano y Ecológico”, which will improve the conditions of those who circulate daily through this Aragüeña town, whether in private or cargo vehicles, motorcycles, taxis, buses, bicycles and pedestrians.

Mayor Joana Sánchez reported that the plan will be executed with resources approved by the President of the National Government and detailed that the new traffic lights will have cutting-edge technology: “the new traffic light system will have the capacity to signal, monitor and evaluate adaptation to climate change. and time, in order to achieve not only a dynamic flow of vehicular traffic but will also allow safer, more efficient and controlled crossings by travelers and pedestrians,” the president said.

The installation of the new traffic lights began on the Encrucijada de Turmero-Cagua national highway with the Panamericana Turmero-San Mateo highway, and on Aragua avenue with Dr. Francisco Montoya, work that was supervised by the Mayor and councilor Luis Vivas, responsible for the municipality's Transportation Commission, as well as residents of the area.

“We are here working within the framework of our right to the city and road education plans, advancing the innovation of our high-tech traffic lights that give you up to the hour, so you will not have to run anymore, what we want is to guarantee safety to our drivers and pedestrians,” said Sánchez.

Likewise, he indicated that, soon, they will deploy road safety classrooms in the municipality, deepening efforts to protect the lives of citizens.

Security actions

The local leader highlighted that they have been carrying out security actions in the stormwater channels of the central island of Intercomunal Turmero-Maracay Avenue, to prevent incidents due to the arrival of the weather phenomenon “La Niña”.

In this sense, he specified that they placed painting of protective bars, construction and painting of concrete road dividers in accordance with regulatory standards, signage and cat's eyes, offering greater safety to drivers and pedestrians.

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