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In Maracay, a self-construction housing plan began

A total of 135 families will be favored with decent homes in the Las Tablitas sector of Campo Alegre

With the construction of two houses that will be model buildings, the self-construction housing plan of 135 homes began in the Las Tablitas sector of Campo Alegre, in the city of Maracay, a project that has the support of the Girardot mayor's office, government regional and the Ministry for Habitat and Housing.

Accompanied by the organized popular power that makes life in the community of Las Tablitas, Mayor Rafael Morales highlighted that they are in the process of reviewing the plans of the 135 homes, to fulfill the dream of the families who live in this improvised urban development. , who from now on will have decent homes.

“We are reviewing the plans of the 135 homes that we will build here in Las Tablitas, (…) willing to provide all the support for the consolidation of this project where the popular power, commune, street chiefs and UBCh will be dedicated to achieving the consolidation of this project,” said the president.

Likewise, he highlighted that in the coming months, a radical change will be evident in this sector, which will be converted into urban planning with all the necessary services to guarantee the good life of families, highlighting the support received from Minister Ildemaro Villarroel, and the godmother of the Aragua state, Yelitze Santaella, for the completion of this housing project.

Finally, Morales reported that through the self-construction mechanism in the coming days, the delivery of 12 homes will be carried out in the OCV San Luis, Pedro José Ovalles parish; while in the Lomas de Sinaí sector, a self-construction plan has been planned, highlighting that the resources have already been approved to begin the construction works of the sewage and drinking water systems, as well as the foundation of the model home.

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