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In Aragua more than 600 grandparents were assisted during the Mission Smile day

During the free day, they performed dental cleaning, restorations, simple and complex extractions, among other services.

Dental cleaning, restorations, simple and complex extraction, implantology and care with maxillofacial specialists, were some of the dental services offered free of charge to more than 600 older adults in the Aragüeña entity, within the framework of a Mission Smile day, held carried out in the spaces of the “Madre María de San José” Comprehensive Dental Center of the Los Samanes Hospital, in the city of Maracay.

The day where 11 dental chairs were activated responds to requests made through the Good Government 1×10 VenApp platform, providing a timely response to the needs of this group of older adults, who do not have the resources to access this type of high-cost treatments in private medicine.

Governor Karina Carpio attended the event, where she highlighted the importance of 1×10 as a fundamental tool in the task of bringing government management to all corners of the country, solving the most felt needs of the population, especially the sectors most vulnerable, in this case the elderly.

They delivered 500 dental prostheses in 2023

The president offered a balance of the achievements achieved by the Smile Mission in the Aragüeña entity, and highlighted that in 2023, 500 dental prostheses were delivered to grandparents in the different municipalities: “this is one of the actions most requested by the people due to its high cost and, thanks to the resources approved by the President, it was possible to restore the smile to those who requested it...This is more than a mission that covers the most basic of the human being, which is that spiritual part and love, with this we are dignifying and honoring our grandparents, it is not just the aesthetic part, it is our health, emotional heart and self-esteem,” commented the Governor.

Likewise, Carpio indicated that a new headquarters of the Smile Mission in the city of La Victoria will soon open its doors to the people of Aragon, which will have six dental chairs for patient care, and he specified that it is a State policy. which provides an opportunity for people who cannot afford dental care to maintain good oral health and prevent further dental problems.

a new smile

Mrs. Nancy Olivaro, a patient treated during the day, described the reactivation of the Smile Mission as an opportunity to smile again, this time supported by the 1×10 System of Good Government: “I think the mission is very good because there are many of us.” Senior citizens who really need a prosthesis, I thank my President and my Governor for this new opportunity they are giving us, to smile fully again.”

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