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In Aragua they will enable 71 voting centers for electoral simulation

Voters will become familiar with the voting process

A total of 71 voting centers will be enabled in the Aragüeña entity during the electoral simulation that will take place this Sunday, June 30, with the purpose of allowing voters to become familiar with the use of the machines, in view of what they will be the presidential elections on July 28.

The information was offered by Ricardo Molina, liaison of the national leadership of the PSUV for the state of Aragua, who specified that voters will have 180 voting stations, of the 1.678 that will operate in the entity on election day.

“The horseshoe will be installed, as indicated by the CNE. “All Venezuelans will be able to participate, even with an expired identity card,” said Molina, who invited the Aragüeño people to participate in the event that will take place this Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm or until there are voters in line.

Likewise, he recalled that the electoral system is protected against any possibility of fraud, and recalled that the only way to enable the voting machine is with the fingerprint of each voter.

Ricardo Molina offered details of Sunday's drill

PSUV will check the 1×10 

The representative of the red awning indicated that they will take advantage of the mobilization of their machinery to check the 1×10, and highlighted that the base structures will concentrate near the electoral centers, in what will be the preparation for the elections on December 28. July.

“This process is training on how we can carry out election day in peace with the Republic Plan, repudiating disturbances and alterations to security,” Molina concluded.

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