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Recovery of roads progresses in Aragua

Rehabilitation work includes paving, patching, repair of sinkholes and demarcation

With the placement of 500 tons of asphalt in the central part of the city of Las Tejerías, the road infrastructure recovery work carried out in different locations of the Aragüeña entity is advancing, which responds to the requests made by the population through of the 1×10 system of Good Government.

The repair of the streets of the central area is carried out thanks to the joint effort between the Ministry of Popular Power for Transportation, the regional government and the mayor's office of the Santos Michelena municipality, through which the patching of Miranda and Bermúdez streets was carried out, as well as in sections of Ayacucho and 19 de Abril streets, in what will be the first stage, and then extend to other road arteries in the area.

“Without a doubt, this patching plan benefits us all, allowing us to have better roads,” commented María Elena Moreno, community leader of Casco Central Sur A, who thanked the boost given by President Nicolás Maduro to the road recovery plan that travels all over the country.

They recover streets of Curiepe  

Likewise, through the road recovery plan, the repair of sinkholes, cracks and crocodile skin is carried out in various areas of the town, such as the Curiepe sector, where 120 tons of asphalt were placed to repair the streets Lara and Colón, Colinas and Terraces, as well as on the main street of the community.

Roads restored in the La Ballesta sector of the Tovar municipality

The state company Vías de Aragua completed the road restoration work in the La Ballesta sector of the Tovar municipality, a road that connects the central area of ​​Colonia Tovar, also serving as an alternate route to the city of Caracas.

The information was detailed by the municipal engineer, Diana Tobioli, who indicated that the work represents a great advance in infrastructure for that tourist town, providing greater security to pedestrians and vehicles traveling through that area.

“During these months of work, the channeling of the stream was carried out through a drainage system, and the restoration of the road, which was impassable after the collapse of its structure… It is important to respect the setting time of the rigid pavement, for so the vehicular passage will be closed for a few days,” said Tobioli.

Likewise, he indicated that the rehabilitation work on the agricultural road in the Las Hernández sector was completed, benefiting more than a thousand families, while this week they began the recovery of the agricultural road in the El Roble sector, which had more than 14 years waiting to be attended to.

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