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I National Congress of Neurodiversity culminated successfully in Aragua

National and international speakers shared their knowledge in the area

With the registration of more than 200 people who will join the blue experience, in the accompaniment of neurodivergent people, the I National Congress of Neurodiversity culminated in Aragua.

The event, which took place in the spaces of the Maracay Opera Theatre, brought together national and international specialists who offered the necessary tools to approach, treat and support neurodivergent people.

The Congress, aimed at parents, representatives, teachers and students, was organized by the El Niño Simón Regional Foundation, being the opportune occasion to address topics such as the clinical, educational and socio-emotional aspects of people with special needs, updating the protocols of biomedical care and educational strategies for all levels.

Carpio highlighted the work of guidance to families

Call for papers

Among the presentations developed were: “TEA Communication and Language”, “Neuropsychiatric comorbidities throughout life in neurodivergent people”, “Schooling and the process of school integration with a vision of inclusion”, among others.

Attention to the communities 

Governor Karina Carpio highlighted that the initiative to hold the Congress arose from observing children with different abilities in the state's communities, evidencing the need to offer parents professional guidance to facilitate their daily tasks, guide families, understand and adapt to infants.

“This event catapults the state of Aragua as the blue capital of Venezuela… we must all work from our trenches to be part of that change that society needs to be even more inclusive,” said the president.

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