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They attend to landslides on the highway to Choroní

The passage to the coastal town remains closed

Crews from the Institute of Environment and Comprehensive Garbage Management (Iamib) of the Girardot mayor's office are carrying out clearance work on the Choroní highway, after the landslides that occurred in the area after the rains that fell this Sunday afternoon.
The work includes the removal of sediments, plant remains and large rocks that keep the passage closed to the coastal population.

With the use of heavy machinery, officials from Municipal Civil Protection, Inparques, Forest Firefighters and the National Guard are working at the site, in charge of risk management on the road.

Mayor Rafael Morales reported that, in the next few hours, they hope to open a channel to make way for drivers who were stranded due to the landslide, until the road is fully enabled.

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