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Aragua without news before the passage of Hurricane Beryl

For several hours, the preventive closure of the roads to Ocumare and Choroní was carried out.

From the regional headquarters of Civil Protection Aragua, Governor Karina Carpio reported that no significant effects were reported in the entity due to the passage of Hurricane Beryl, while she highlighted that the 36 stations of the early warning system remain active, to provide a timely response to any emergency situation that may arise in the entity due to the rains.

“Here we are on alert from the Civil Protection headquarters to provide you with the peace, tranquility and calm that our population requires. From the early hours of the morning we found ourselves quartered in these spaces, the Zodi Aragua, the State security agencies represented by the National Guard, Firefighters, Ecosocialism, Civil Protection, the National Police, and all those who have to do with the security of our beloved state of Aragua,” stated the president.

Carpio highlighted that they are deployed in vulnerable areas, to provide immediate response to the population in the event of any emergency situation that may arise, and highlighted the work that has been done since the beginning of the year in the 18 municipalities of the entity, with the cleaning of dams and river channels.

He reported the fall of trees in some specific areas, which were removed almost immediately by the government's maintenance crews, in addition to the preventive interruption of the electrical service in several sectors.

Likewise, the president highlighted the participation of organized popular power in each of the communities, who almost immediately monitor the risk situations that arise in each sector, establishing communication with security agencies: “the role of the communities that, immediately, monitor the situations and communicate through the different organizations by telephone, which allows us to reach the spaces and places where any event is occurring,” commented the Governor.

The first authority of the Aragüeña entity also reported that the pumping stations are working at 100% of their capacity, while the mayors of the municipalities to which these stations are responsible are also on alert with their security agencies in each of them. these spaces.

Temporary closure towards the coastal area

As a preventive action, this Tuesday morning, the roads leading to the coastal towns of Ocumare and Choroní were closed due to the water load from the mountains, a measure that was lifted after the 2 in the afternoon, while security forces remain in the area monitoring the situation.

Clearing of the Choroní highway shows 80% progress

For his part, Mayor Rafael Morales reported that 80% of the landslide that occurred on the Choroní road has already been cleared, where personnel are maintaining permanent surveillance, specifically in the sections between km 8 and 12 where Incidents of sediment displacement, as well as rock and plant elements, have been recorded. 

“Yesterday we completed 80% of the clearance, but we still have to remove a large rock at kilometer 12, our teams continue working to completely restore vehicular traffic,” the president explained.

Morales carried out an inspection on the banks of the Madre Vieja River, highlighting that the river levels have risen but remain under control, and noted that they only have records of some flooding on Casanova Godoy and Bolívar avenues in the city of Maracay.

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