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They speed up cleaning and clearing the channels of the Turmero and Aragua rivers

Crews are deployed at the height of the Cari-Cari dam

Given the arrival of the first rains in the Aragüeña entity, the mayor's office of the Santiago Mariño municipality is speeding up the cleaning and clearing work in the channels of the Turmero and Aragua rivers, a task that is part of the 2024 pre-rain Plan.

Jennifer Tovar, director of Maintenance of Public and Private Domain Spaces, reported that the crews of workers are deployed along the Turmero River, specifically at the height of the Cari-Cari dam, where a comprehensive cleaning day was carried out. to prevent possible damage due to rain.

“These tasks are being carried out in the different pipes, rivers and streams of the municipality to contribute to the mitigation of risks, thanks to the complaints and requests made by the residents of Mariño, through the 1×10 tool of Good Government,” he stated. the official

Likewise, he highlighted the participation of the municipal public services team, the PSUV militants, and the members of the popular power organized in the area, who have dedicated themselves to the cleaning work.

“We are at the gates of the Cari Cari dam, where the cleaning and maintenance of the slope located in the spillway is being carried out, at the level of the La Fundación Villegas community,” commented Ruth Aguiar, a resident of the sector.

They reinforce the slope of the Aragua River

Nelson Cordero, territorial guardian of the La Línea Axis, explained that they are also supervising the work to reinforce the slope that leads to the Aragua River channel, adjacent to the La Línea community, works carried out through the 1×10 program and the Yo plan. I defend doing more.

Authorities of the Mariño municipality made a call of conscience to the population to avoid throwing waste in the streets and waterways, to avoid damage during the rainy season.

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