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They apply a plan to improve roads in the city of Maracay 

The plan includes the modernization of the traffic light network

Starting today, Saturday, June 1, the Urban Reorganization and Mobility Plan will begin in the city of Maracay, with which they hope to improve roads and reduce traffic accidents on streets and avenues of the Aragüeña capital.

In a press conference offered from the mayor's office, Cinzia Machín de Morales, first combatant of the Girardot municipality, explained that the plan establishes the enabling of intersections on the left at certain intersections in the city, reducing travel times.

“With this plan we once again establish the intersection to the left in the east-west and west-east direction on José Casanova Godoy Avenue with Las Delicias Avenue and General Páez. We will also later incorporate the service street located on Las Delicias Avenue that connects the Regional CC and Las Américas,” Machín said.

Likewise, he highlighted that they will have the support of State officials and security forces, as well as a dissemination plan through the media, where the measures contemplated in the plan will be announced.

Traffic light modernization

José Quijada, executive director of Municipal Engineering of the mayor's office, pointed out that the plan includes the modernization of traffic lights, which will be more striking and visible to drivers and pedestrians.

“We will install more striking traffic lights so that violators cannot have excuses, since they are traffic lights that have an LED strip that lights up according to the color of the light,” commented the official.

Quijada pointed out that the plan seeks to promote respect for traffic rules and contribute to road safety in the municipality, which is why he called on Maracayeros to collaborate with the execution of these new measures to have a safer and more efficient city for all.

“The call to all people to be aware of these new measures announced by the Mayor's Office and endorsed by our mayor Rafael Morales,” he concluded.

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