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20 thousand families from Aragüeñas benefited from fairs in the sovereign countryside

Food sales operations were carried out in 8 municipalities of the state of Aragua

With the sale of protein combos, vegetables and greens at solidarity prices, this weekend, more than 20 thousand Aragüeña families were benefited, thanks to the activation of the Campo Soberano fairs in 8 municipalities of that entity in the center of the country.

The conferences were possible thanks to the joint work between the institutions attached to the regional, national and municipal Executive, responding to requests made by citizens through the 1×10 of Good Government.

The fairs were held simultaneously in the municipalities of Girardot (Maracay), Mario Briceño Iragorry (El Limón), José Félix Ribas (La Victoria), Libertador (Palo Negro), José Ángel Lamas (Santa Cruz), Francisco Linares Alcántara (Santa Rita), Zamora (La Villa) and Santiago Mariño (Turmero), bringing the products of the basic basket to a total of 23 thousand families.

In this regard, the territorial director of the Ministry of Food (Minppal), José Diego Castillo, highlighted the work of the food partner coordinators, municipal food liaisons, LíderIt belongs to the CLAP and the organized popular power of the different sectors, guaranteeing compliance with the people's protection programs promoted by the national government through the Food Mission.

He specified that the different Socialist Mission Bases were provided through the Venezuelan Food Producer and Distributor (Pdval), Food Markets (Mrcal), and by the company Productos Aragua Socialista (ALAS).

“The Food Mission, through its entities attached to organized popular power, remains deployed in the food care of the 18 municipalities of the region in its 50 parishes… without a doubt we continue working and serving our families without rest,” he commented. .

Finally, he reiterated the effort made by the Food Staff, which is reflected in the work of the CLAP, the School Food Program (PAE), Food Houses and the Campo Soberano Fairs, with special attention to the population that is in vulnerable conditions.

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