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Tarek William Saab reopens monument in the city of El Tigre

The iconic image was donated by the Nemer Saab foundation as a tribute to the eastern city.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reopened in a tourist inn in the city of El Tigre, Anzoátegui state, the iconic monument of this town in the eastern state where the official is from.

This monument was donated by the Nemer Saab foundation, named after the prosecutor's father, and was originally built to celebrate the 77 years of El Tigre in February 2010, but due to the threat of vandalism by sectors of right, was placed under guard until its current reopening.

“I have had the opportunity to reopen under the auspices of the NEMER SAAB FOUNDATION the most iconic monument that we built within the tourist inn in honor of this beautiful city,” said Saab, who is a native of this eastern city.

He explained that it is “the very popular Tigren symbol that we inaugurated in February 2010 during our administration as Governor of Anzoátegui (2004/2012) within the framework of the complete remodeling and beautification of the entrance to the oldest oil city in the East.”

The official noted that before this reopening “all that micro group of haters who carried out dirty war campaigns so that it would be destroyed and overthrown by violent mobs would be left in contempt and oblivion: making ridiculous mockery just for the fact that they were us.” the creators of that legendary monument.”

Saab invited the people of Tigre and visitors to this picturesque city to take photos and videos with this local symbol, which will be a must-see destination for visitors to El Tigre.

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