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They clean the Santa Rosa stream in Píritu and Puerto Píritu

More than 300 families from 10 sectors line the stream

The intervention of the Santa Rosa stream, which runs through several sectors of the Píritu and Peñalver municipalities, is carried out with cleaning, waste collection and channeling work.

The water channel, which borders the sectors La Agustinera, Santa Rosa, Santa Bárbara, Casco central, Fray Juan de Mendoza, Barrio Obrero, Cruz del Encuentro, Laguna Azul, 28 de Diciembre and Bolívar and Comercio streets, has an extension of 1.250 meters and flows into the Caribbean Sea through the beach of Puerto Píritu.

The mayor of Píritu, Jesús Méndez, reported that the work is carried out through the Public Services and Maintenance directorates of the municipality, to minimize risks in the rainy season.

He explained that if this torrent collapses and overflows, some 300 families would be affected, as they are located in risk areas.

Although the canal is packed for 600 meters, from the Juan García covered court to approximately 80 meters after the Puente de Piedras, in recent years it has affected residential and commercial areas of both municipalities.

Méndez urged citizens not to throw waste or junk into the riverbed “in order to minimize situations that may be regretted.”

He highlighted that work crews also remain deployed in the La Paz sector, to keep the areas in optimal conditions and avoid disasters.

Other streams, Punta de Flor and Buenos Aires, will also be cleaned within the framework of the preventive rain plan.

According to data from the entity's Integrated Risk Management System, Administration of Civil Emergencies and Disasters (Sigraed), in Píritu there are 21 areas at risk of flooding due to the effects of that drainage that channels rainwater from extensive sectors.

Sediment removal

The mayor of Píritu, Jesús Méndez, reported on the removal of sediment that is being carried out on the Piedra bridge, to clear the channel.

The same work with heavy machinery was carried out in the La Cruz, Barrio Obrero and Las Cayenas sectors in the stream.

Méndez assured that they are preparing for the arrival of the rains with preventive actions to mitigate the negative effects.

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