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Demolition began to expand the Paseo de la Cruz y el Mar

The project to continue with the coastal boulevard in Puerto La Cruz is executed with resources approved by the national government

With heavy machinery and command in hand, the godfather of the Anzoátegui state, Wilmar Castro Soteldo; Governor Luis José Marcano; and Mayor Nelson Moreno, began the demolition of all the infrastructure that is on the coast of the Los Cocos sector, for the execution of the expansion project of Paseo de La Cruz and El Mar in Puerto La Cruz, Sotillo municipality.

“This is a life project of Mayor Nelson Moreno, as a marine front and as a Caribbean front, which is in its first stage of construction in this sector. The resources have already been approved and now go to the improvement of the fishermen's area. A large-scale work that Portocruzanos will be able to enjoy and that will also contribute to the economic, commercial and financial growth of the municipality,” highlighted the also Minister for Productive Agriculture and Lands.

Castro Soteldo recognized that space as an economic, financial and tourist connector because the most important hotel centers of the Sotillo municipality are located there, it has a maritime and commercial port, in addition to having the Andrés Bello Recreational Park in front, considered an important vegetal lung of the metropolitan area of ​​Anzoátegui.

He said that it is a work that locals and visitors will enjoy, a space more gained for the people.

For his part, Governor Luis José Marcano said that it is gratifying to see how the state and the country are “in a time of growth and expansion through this work in this place that is constituted as an area of ​​economic and tourist development that comes to strengthen the conditions of the Eastern Special Agri-Food Economic Zone (ZEEAO).”

In the section that will serve as the junction of the promenade, from the Rasil hotel to the Eulalia Buroz Port, four houses were demolished where the same number of families lived and were relocated to homes in better conditions.

Martha Velásquez, who has lived in the sector for more than 80 years, is part of the group of families that now have housing in better conditions. Velásquez said that she is pleased with the relocation.

To execute this construction project of the second stage of the old Paseo Colón, President Nicolás Maduro approved the necessary resources for the incorporation of 1.4 kilometers and to renew the first stage of that boulevard, located in front of the Bay of Pozuelos, built more than 20 years ago. years.

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