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La Mujer 27 Community Center inaugurated in Anzoátegui

The mayor of Barcelona will create the first Community Center for Indigenous Women in Caigua

In order to strengthen the Great Venezuela Women Mission, the 27th Women's Community Center (CCM) was inaugurated in Anzoátegui.

This new space is called “Greta Zamora” and is located in the town of San Mateo, Libertad municipality, in the central area of ​​the eastern entity.

Governor Luis José Marcano, accompanied by first combatant Marcia Moreno and Mayor Pablo Cariaco, highlighted the date as “important” that “will remain in history.”

Marcano highlighted that “thanks to these initiatives we are going to see happier and more self-confident women,” as an initiative of President Nicolás Maduro.

The center, which is located next to the “Mirlian Rodríguez” Comprehensive Care Center (CDI), will have a humanized delivery room, women's defense, entrepreneurship area and a multipurpose room that will serve as places of support in the spiritual, emotional and health for all women in the municipality.

During the inauguration, the authorities toured the spaces and shared a special tribute to Greta Zamora, a tireless fighter for the country and who today, in memory of her planting, the community center bears her name.

This is the fourth CCM to be inaugurated this year 2024. In January, number 24 was opened in the Independencia municipality, specifically in the Caucagüita sector for the direct benefit of about 3 families.

On March 2, number 25 was inaugurated in Cantaura, Freites municipality, to serve more than 800 families in the Cantaurita sector.

And number 26 was inaugurated on March 7, in the El ventilator sector of Pariaguán, Miranda municipality, CCM that bears the name of “Rosa Valera”, a tribute in life to someone who has maintained a feminist struggle in that territory.

Entrepreneurship is also promoted from these spaces.

Indigenous women will also have their community center

The mayor of the Simón Bolívar municipality, Sugey Herrera, announced the creation of the first Indigenous CCM, a space dedicated to the empowerment and development of this community in the Caigua parish.

The announcement was made by Herrera during the delivery of 40 certificates to entrepreneurs from the Triunfadores Cumanagotos commune, who successfully completed the crafts course, thus recognizing their dedication and achievements.

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