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Third edition of the “Anzoátegui Te Enamora” Theater Festival raises the curtain

Until July 19, the theater festival will be held in the region

The most important theater festival in eastern Venezuela began this Saturday in Barcelona, ​​an event that is celebrated for the third consecutive year in the state of Anzoátegui.

For the start of the “Anzoátegui Te Enamora” theater festival, a colorful parade ran along 5 de Julio Boulevard, from the luminous fountain to Plaza Libertadores, with the staging of more than 100 artists on stage, who performed a musical that revealed a contrast between the current technological reality and the country's traditional games, gastronomy and festivals.

Governor Luis José Marcano, accompanied by Anzoátegui's first combatant, Marcia Moreno; the head of the Tourism, Culture and Communications Cabinet, Frank Valera; the sole authority of culture, Jesús Fermín; and, part of the executive train, opened the event that will offer activities in different rooms and community spaces in the 21 municipalities of the entity and will feature the presentation on the tables of international groups from Cuba and Colombia.

The regional president said that "this year the festival has a greater presence and participation of artists, which represents the commitment to give more so that in this new era that is opening, our values ​​are present so that in this and other spaces boys and girls “replicate the best of us as a society.”

Marcano also highlighted the rescue of cultural identity thanks to the push by President Nicolás Maduro, of the Mission Viva Venezuela Mi Patria Querida.

During the event, the governor gave recognition to outstanding artists and groups such as Teatro UDO Anzoátegui for their 50 years of uninterrupted work, to Nelly Villegas, Noel Llovera and Alexis Farías for their extensive career in regional theater.

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