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I Scientific Seedbed Fair showed creativity of students

30 projects were presented by schools and high schools in the state at the event

To show 30 projects aimed at learning areas linked to science and robotics carried out by Anzoátegui students, the I Scientific Seedbed Innovation Fair was held in Barcelona.

The activity carried out within the framework of the Great Mission of Science, Technology and Innovation Doctor Humberto Fernández Morán promoted by the national government, allowed the skills and knowledge of more than 100 boys, girls and young people to be displayed in the spaces of the Andrés Bello park.

The president of the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology (Fundacite) in the state, Víctor Hugo Peñalver, highlighted the contribution of this type of activities to strengthen education and enhance the study of science and technology from the subsystem of basic, general secondary and technical education.

He explained that the projects included in the categories of innovation, challenge and adventure were focused on the areas of mechanics, electricity, civil works, mechatronics, agri-food and computing, among others.

He said that public and private educational institutions in the region, government entities, companies, social movements, universities, among other entities related to science and technology, participated.

Among the group of students who showed their scientific-technical skills and knowledge, the students Octavio Mendoza, 17 years old, and Nellismar Hurtado, 16 years old, from the Liceo Bolivariano Dr. Luis Razetti in Barcelona, ​​stand out, who presented a Tesla coil, which will allow ionization the energy in the air to transmit it wirelessly, without the use of wiring.

Another project was a versatile electric helicopter, which can be used as a toy, lamp and flashlight, designed by José Barreto, 11 years old, a fifth grade student at UE Juan Manuel Cajigal from Barcelona.

Featured projects

In this unique pedagogical and informative experience, 30 projects were presented carried out by talented boys, girls and young people in the scientific field, who through the national program receive resources, training and opportunities to develop their skills.

In this first meeting held in Anzoátegui, the robotic arm, a cold press and a spot welding machine were introduced, projects designed by students from the Liceo Bolivariano Dr. Luis Razetti in Barcelona.

All participants, representatives of government institutions, companies and five universities in the state, were also shown the achievements of the students of the UEP José Gregorio Monagas of El Tigre, who presented a 4-stroke combustion car that they called “Gesvic”. , a “Sintrivani” automated irrigation system and a CTR 3R conveyor belt.

Two other public educational institutions, the José Antonio Anzoátegui Lyceum and the José Tadeo Arreaza Calatrava, joined the activity with the design and manufacture of wooden lamps and the proposal of movement as an element of change and transformation of the daily activities of human beings. , respectively.

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