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Another recovered section of the national highway in Anzoátegui delivered

The El Tigre-Pariaguán stretch was as good as new

The governor of the Anzoátegui state, Luis José Marcano, delivered this Friday, June 21, another recovered section of the Troncal 15 national highway.

In the rehabilitated stretch, between the Simón Rodríguez and Miranda municipalities, 3 tons of asphalt were placed, giving continuity to the National Asphalt Plan promoted by President Nicolás Maduro for the recovery of the country's main roads.

Marcano and the secretary of the regional government, Katiuska Homsi, traveled the 2.2 kilometers intervened, of the 6 kilometers included, from the intersection of the El Tigre exit to the road to Pariaguán.

“We are delivering this highway thanks to the efforts of President Nicolás Maduro for the recovery of our roads, there are more than 3 thousand tons of asphalt along 6 km with an intervention of 30% of this distance, here we are, together with the people , building well-being,” said the governor.

Homsi explained that these 3.200 tons of asphalt are added to the 8.100 already placed, which adds up to more than 11 tons of asphalt placed on that important road that interconnects the states of Anzoátegui, Guárico, Monagas and Delta Amacuro.

He explained that demarcation of that road axis was also carried out, one of the main roads of the Orinoco Oil Belt and the main public transportation route in the southern part of the state.

This work is part of the “70 Works for Chávez” Plan, designed to honor Commander Hugo Chávez with works on his seventieth anniversary.

Rehabilitation of Trunk 13 continues

The state governor supervised the road rehabilitation works being carried out on Trunk 13, specifically from the Aragua distributor to the entrance of that jurisdiction.

“We have come to supervise the progress of the work on this important road artery that will improve mobilization, in addition to facilitating the development of the economic and social activities of this territory,” said the regional leader.

The governor reported that there are 4 thousand tons of asphalt that will be placed on 33 kilometers of highway in discontinuous sections, of which 400 have been laid.

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