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In Barcelona they transfer powers to communes for entrepreneurship

More than 690 thousand bolivars serve as seed capital in the communes of El Viñedo

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​in the state of Anzoátegui, transferred powers to the Golpe de Timón and Socialista El Viñedo communes, to promote entrepreneurship in those territories.

As seed capital to manage through the community bank, these communes received more than 690 thousand bolivars, about 18 thousand dollars, to support the initiative of 120 community members trained through the mayor's institute of entrepreneurship and productive economy.

Mayor Sugey Herrera, accompanied by the Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Guy Vernaez, and the popular power, carried out this transfer in the spaces of the Miguel Otero Silva high school in El Viñedo.

The president highlighted this achievement as part of the construction of a project that has been channeled from each communal council and the result of a consolidated effort through the Concrete Action Agenda.

He specified that the financing exceeds 386 thousand bolivars for the El Viñedo Socialist Commune, in support of 70 entrepreneurs, and 310 thousand for the Golpe de Timón Commune, for about 50 entrepreneurs.

At the event, Herrera also gave the community members 17 mixers, 13 sewing machines, 5 shavers, 5 dryers, 4 freezers and 1 hair straightener, in addition to 66 bags of wheat flour.

Minister Vernaez stated that “what is happening opens up a path of hope for what is coming in the future.”

Likewise, he added that it is the task of all of us to empower ourselves and accompany President Nicolás Maduro in the policies of the people, and affirmed that this support is of equals, and not of some higher than others, which translates precisely into popular empowerment. .

“It is key to understand that these steps that are being taken today are solid steps in the construction of real popular power, and we have to make this seen to our young people,” Vernaez added.

While the community members who benefited from this action expressed their gratitude, celebrating this work that “is only possible in Revolution.”

Simón Alcalá, from the Golpe de Timón Commune, stated that the 39 communal councils and the eight UBCh of these two communes ratify their commitment to the Bolivarian Government and the public policies that President Nicolás Maduro is leading.

“We are working hard with the mayor of the municipality and the management of Communes, we go out every day to work to give answers to the people and give them the help they need to improve their quality of life.”

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