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In Anzoátegui they serve sectors affected by the flooding of the Amana River

Authorities coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation to restore the passage to Mundo Nuevo

The governor of the Anzoátegui state, Luis José Marcano, reported that social, infrastructure and service teams are addressing the situation that occurred in the Freites municipality, due to the overflowing of the Amana River.

He highlighted that support is given to the Mundo Nuevo communities, Libertador parish, and in El Amparo and El Samán, Úrica parish, and confirmed that in the state there are no victims to regret, "and now what corresponds to the government entities is provide due attention.”

Marcano mentioned that in Mundo Nuevo the population was cut off by land, when the internal road of the state and the one that connects that territory with the state of Monagas gave way, so "it was managed with the Ministry of Transportation and with the vice presidency of works, to generate the conditions that allow the passage to the New World to be restored as soon as possible.”

For her part, the mayor of the Freites municipality, Dalinda Materán, reported that all Civil Protection, citizen security, health and social development teams are deployed in the area.

According to a report from security agencies, there are damages to homes, roads and crops, in addition to power lines.

Agricultural producers report losses of animals and crops. “Official support is required, homes, animal belongings and crops were lost,” said Luis Zamora, a producer in the area.

From Civil Protection they communicated via social networks that tours are being carried out in the El Amparo, El Samán and Úrica sectors, to provide support and protect the population.

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