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Two people arrested for selling a minor in Barcelona

The minor was under the protection of the Protection Council of the Simón Bolívar municipality

Police officials from the Simón Bolívar municipality (Polisomonbolivar) arrested a woman and the father of a 5-year-old girl who was allegedly sold for 3 thousand dollars, an event that occurred in the historic center of Barcelona, ​​capital of the Anzoátegui state.

The information was released by the director of the citizen security body, commissioners José Ferrer, who identified the detainees as Sir Walter Gómez Serrano (49 years old) and Adriana Carolina Astudillo Cárima (35 years old), who served as an intermediary supposedly to resell to the girl in the city of Maturín, Monagas state.

The police chief explained that the procedure was carried out during the night hours of this Wednesday, June 20, on Juncal Street, when officials assigned to the Surveillance and Patrol Service of Boulevard 5 de Julio observed a woman walking nervously with a little girl, so they proceeded to approach her.

Ferrer indicated that the officials observed the nervous attitude of the woman who could not justify any relationship with the minor when questioned, "however, the little girl let go of her hands and said she wanted to see her grandmother."

He explained that the officers proceeded to search the woman, asking her to open the backpack that she was carrying on her back, in which a BLU cell phone was seen, and two identity passports, one with her personal information and the other with her personal information. affiliations of a girl, which did not correspond to the identity provided by the girl.

"When asked why the passport data did not match the little girl's, she did not know what to answer. When inquiring about the girl's father or mother, she responded that her father gave her to her to sell her for $3.000. in the city of Maturín,” reported Ferrer.

The commissioner said that communication was established with the municipal Council for the Protection of Children and Adolescent Girls, and the proceedings have begun to find the whereabouts of the minor's father, who is detained at his residence, located in the Fernández Padilla neighborhood of La same city.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Public Ministry was also notified of this procedure, and both adults were transferred to the custody rooms, while the girl was kept in the custody of the Protection Council.

It was learned that authorities are investigating the possible child prostitution network in eastern Venezuela, around this case.

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