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Anzoátegui started a national plan to reinforce the vaccination against covid-19

In the state of Anzoátegui, the national plan to reinforce the vaccination against covid-19 began in the 45 immunization posts that remain active in the 21 municipalities.

The sole regional health authority, Yemaira Villasmil, reported that this new phase of prevention begins with more than 400 thousand doses of the vaccine of Chinese origin Sinopharm (Vero Cell) and they expect that this week 25 thousand doses of the Russian product Sputnik Light will reach the state.

He said that the Russian antigen designed for the booster dose will be applied under the scheme of prioritized sectors in the Kléber Ramírez oncological annex in Barcelona and in two hospitals in El Tigre, the Felipe Guevara Rojas and the IVSS Héctor Farías.

Regarding the coverage of the national immunization process against the virus, Villasmil explained that to date there are more than 68 vaccinated minors (between 12 and 18 years of age) in sessions held in educational institutions.

The regional coordinator of Barrio Adentro, also indicated that in the state more than 795 thousand people have received the first dose of any of the biological products (66% of the target population) and more than 511 thousand completed the two-dose schedule (43 %).

The official stressed that following the guidelines of the Ministry for Health, from January 3 to 9, vaccination of first-line health personnel is prioritized.

And according to the national schedule between January 10 and 16, the reinforcement will be placed on those over 60 years of age; from January 17 to 23, people between 19 and 59 years old with two or more pathologies; from January 24 to 30, people who work with the public such as police, national guards, transportation and food workers.

From the first week of February, the rest of the population will be vaccinated.

The requirement to receive the booster doses is that 6 months or more have elapsed since the application of the second dose and carry the vaccination card.