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Rehabilitated outpatient clinic in Anzoátegui will benefit 40 thousand inhabitants

The operating room area was activated to pay off the surgical debt in the six parishes

With the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Enrico Spada de Mapire outpatient clinic, quality health care is guaranteed to the more than 40 thousand inhabitants of the six parishes of the Monagas municipality, located in the southern part of the Anzoátegui state.

The health center, which was a popular clinic, was transformed with the activation of the X-ray, ultrasound, dentistry, laboratory areas, as well as delivery, hospitalization, recovery, immunization, retention, nursing room, general medicine and emergency rooms. , to provide a 24-hour service.

Governor Luis José Marcano reopened the space accompanied by Mayor Luis Silva and the first combatant, Marcia Moreno, thus carrying out one more action of the Plan 70 Obras Por Chávez.

“There is a lot of emotion because there is a lot of love here,” said Marcano, who sent a message of commitment and faith. "This is a work of President Nicolás Maduro who has prioritized the public health system, a work that allows us to have faith in the future of the country, in everything that needs to be done and we are going to do."

Marcano also announced the delivery of a new ambulance for the community, stating that this is just the beginning of a great health recovery project in the state.

While Mayor Silva highlighted the activation of an operating room for low and medium complexity surgeries, which will allow the surgical debt that exists in the 81 hamlets of the municipality to be addressed, in addition to the rehabilitation of the external areas of the facility.

During the activity, a supply of medications and supplies for timely care were delivered, in addition to technical aids that included wheelchairs, crutches, nebulizers and four- and one-ended canes.

They also attended sports spaces

The multi-use fields in the Chaparralito and Pilón Airport sectors in Mapire were also recovered for everyone's enjoyment.

The governor accompanied Mayor Silva in the delivery to the community of the renovated spaces, one of them premiered with a basketball game between the authorities and local youth of the team of this discipline, who are preparing for the upcoming Anzoátegui 2024 Sports Games now. whom Marcano predicted success for them.

Painting work, fencing, restoration of boards and arches, lighting, weeding, were part of the work that was carried out to return these spaces suitable for sports practice to the communities.

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