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Economic activity of the San Celestino Fair exceeded 400 thousand dollars

The fair's activities attracted more than 40 thousand people.

The San Celestino Fair 2024 generated direct and indirect income to the Simón Bolívar municipality in the order of 430 thousand dollars and registered a participation of more than 42 thousand people.

Mayor Sugey Herrera celebrated the positive figures for the local economy, highlighting that work was encouraged and 97 direct and 32 indirect jobs were generated during the five days of events and trade fair held in Plaza Libertadores in Barcelona.

Herrera mentioned that businesses around the plaza complex were also favored by economic activity. “All the premises were packed with visitors and that makes us very happy,” he said.

Regarding religious activities, the local leader highlighted the high attendance of parishioners at the Barcelona Cathedral, which she said exceeded six thousand people, just over a thousand per day, to accompany the lowering and raising of the relics of the holy martyr, patron saint of Barcelona. , whose entire body is kept in the temple.

“We will continue working to generate quality events and continue promoting religious tourism, those heritage spaces that our historic center has to promote what the people of Barcelona are, to position the capital of the Anzoátegui state,” he assured.

A complete fair

The Mayor of Barcelona recalled that the activities of the fair included the livestock exhibition and contact farm, entrepreneurs with live cooking, entertainment with musical shows with national artists of international projection, recreation, sports and culture.

The Knowledge Challenge and the La Voz de Barcelona Festival involved 40 schools in the municipality, public and private, and a significant number of cultists who highlighted the region's folklore with their singing.

In the inter-school competition, in the best mega match style, the La Ponderosa campus won first place and as a prize an interactive computer classroom will be enabled and its students will enjoy a trip to La Guaira.

Other public schools, Dr. Luis Razetti and Liceo Mesones won second and third place respectively, to opt for a chemistry laboratory and a trip to the Mochima National Park and the conditioning of an educational area and a full day for the participants.

Herrera announced that this first edition of the La Voz de Barcelona Festival left behind the project of creating a vocalization school that will aim to continue promoting the cultural talent of the municipality. More than 290 people auditioned at the festival.

The livestock exhibition and contact farm had the support of the livestock breeders' association and several agricultural companies, it managed to attract thousands of people, who were able to appreciate the display of Brahman, Gyr, Holstein and Carora specimens, among which was the national champion milk producer, “Manantial” that has a production record of 58 liters.

The San Celestino Half Marathon, an event part of the fair, managed to bring together more than 3 athletes from 11 states in the country.

For his part, the president of the municipality's Tourism Institute, Julio Figueroa, announced that residents from other states of the country came to enjoy the different events that were held. “This turned the San Celestino Fair into a reference for the recreation of Venezuelans,” he noted.

Security Device

During the five days that the San Celestino Fair lasted, the municipality had a deployment of 300 officials from the different security forces, who ensured the integrity of locals and visitors, an action that left “zero” incidents recorded.

The municipal director of Citizen Security, Ykser Orozco, referred to the security device implemented during the fair as “totally effective”, since no type of alteration of public order was recorded either.

“We want to congratulate and recognize the civic behavior of our people, which helped a lot to ensure that this device was carried out with one hundred percent effectiveness,” said Orozco.

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