How to exercise the dog at home?

The confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic has also affected pets, especially dogs that are used to performing a daily walking routine.

There are several games and exercises that help dogs stay physically and mentally active, ensuring that they feel happy and healthy.

Below we detail a series of activities recommended by specialists that can be carried out during quarantine with dog friends.

Agility training

Build an obstacle course with household objects such as chairs, books, cones, small tables, rings, among others. Order your dog to walk them over and over again. If you want to take advantage of exercising with your pet, you can take the tour with her.

Up and down

If you have stairs at home make the most of them with your pet. Throw one of your toys to the bottom of the stairs for him to pick it up and come back up the steps. This exercise can be repeated several times, without exceeding rounds of more than 10 minutes, so that the dog exercises the different muscles.

Aim the laser

Use a laser pointer to make the dog try to reach you. You must be very careful not to target your eyes.

Tug of war

Grab a bone, string, or some other favorite toy, hold it and let the dog bite into it to start the battle. Occasionally let your dog win for fun.

Treasure hunt

Show him a treat or a toy, tell him to stay off, then hide it somewhere else in the house and ask him to find it. This little exercise will help your dog strengthen her nose and intelligence.

Throw the ball

If you have a house with space, a long garden or hallway, you can throw the ball to the dog to pick it up and return it.



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