Carrot improves dental health and vision of dogs

The carrot is a vegetable that benefits the health of both humans and dogs, who can consume them raw or cooked, according to the results you want to obtain in dogs.

To give it to the furry, as a reward for their behavior or snack, they must be cleaned very well and cut off the tips.

According to specialists, if the dog eats raw carrot, its texture will help clean the residue that accumulates in the teeth and gums.

They also ensure that the vitamin A and carotenes that the vegetable has is good for dermal health and prevents eye problems such as cataracts.

Likewise, they indicate that this vegetable calms the anxiety of dogs, regulates the nervous system, increases the volumes of the bloodstream, stimulates the production of breast milk in hairy pregnant women, strengthens the bones and prevents the formation of tumors. l



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