Adoptions of the week

For this week our adoptions section is filled with puppies and minima that just captivate them. Each one of them is looking for a stable, responsible and loving home and for those who at this time have no possibility of adopting, they can always collaborate with this noble task of protecting and serving pets.

With little you can do a lot for them. Start by observing in your community that puppies or kittens are in the street and with simple exchange gestures the day. Keep the remains of food and cooks a nutritious waste, taking care that the bones are soft, because they can hurt the digestive system of some furry ones. You can also supply it with fresh water, rags so that they sleep warm and of course with a lot of affection. You can also make a photo album, to upload it to your networks and thus locate a responsible human partner.

With these simple steps you can make an animal happy, and in less than you realize you can become a community protectionist, which in these times is a commendable and wonderful work.

Without further ado, these are the loving quadrupeds of this week: