Report abuse and adopt a pet

As part of the actions to reprimand the crimes of animal abuse that have intensified in this period of confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic, the National Guard, in coordination with the GNB Environmental Nursery, made its officials and detachments available to deal with any complaint regarding trafficking, exploitation, vexation, and cruelty of wild and domestic fauna.

These initiatives are part of the constant and tireless fight of organizations such as Misión Nevado, Red de Apoyo Canino, Kikiriwuao, Paticas callejeros and a host of anonymous animalists who raise their voices and repudiate in all possible means the mistreatment and disrespect against our younger brothers ; the animals.

On the other hand, it is propitious to emphasize that the Public Ministry is sensitized to the issue of crimes against fauna, in addition to opening its offices to deal explicitly with cases of complaints in animal matters, it also proposed the reform of the Law on Wildlife and in Captivity of our country.

Taking all these advances into account, now it is only on our part to be multipliers of conscience, not allowing acts of injustice against a living being, denouncing those who mistreat an animal, in addition to adopting and being responsible for the furry that accompany us .

You can be part of the change that these little ones need, you should only adopt with love and responsibility and denounce with a sense of justice and sensitivity.

With this brief premise, we announce the beautiful four-legged candidates ready to be adopted this week:


This one-year-old mestizo gallant, is in Caracas, is vaccinated and waiting to be part of a responsible home. For more information contact: 0414 920 9294/04143117153


This tender baby, is 8 months old, is brown, black and yellow, is a beautiful mongrel, is dewormed and full of love for the person who adopts him. To contact and formalize your adoption call the following numbers: 04122526887, 04126876184, 0212 3627046 04140309083 located in La Guairita, Guarenas.

Baby kittens

Beautiful baby cats are up for adoption. They are already eating alone. Only responsible family who wants and cares for them. They are delivered with a commitment to sterilize in due time. They are in San Bernardino, Caracas, contact number Gabriela 0412-2006234

Baby puppies

You are black, are from the same litter, are one month old and are already looking for a loving and responsible family.

Urgent home for this dog

This furry is in a temporary home in Carayaca, La Guaira, but they can no longer have it. It is urgent for a person to take you in temporarily or permanently. Transfer to Caracas is guaranteed. Contact Phone 04142352920


This little furry was found in the gasoline pump that is entering Guatire, if anyone can give information about their relatives, call 0414 305 9143

This girl appeared on Av. Páez del Paraíso, Caracas. It is protected. If anyone knows about your family's whereabouts, please contact 0414 150 4722