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Max: A cat with a PhD

Michi lives on the university campus and stole everyone's hearts and became the most popular companion

In a ceremony held last Saturday, May 18, Vermont State University in Castleton presented a “degree” of an honorary doctorate to “litter-ature” cat Max, a neighbor cat who lives on campus.

It has nothing to do with being a hunting cat or sleeping where sleep grabs you, but it has a lot to do with its therapeutic abilities and the positive impact on the university community.

One more Member of the University Campus

Max, a tabby cat who for approximately four years, has won the hearts of students and staff alike. He lives with his human family in a house near the main entrance, very close to the university, but like a cat, he dedicated his walks in freedom to exploring the university.

Creating in his wake a number of students and employees who pamper and feed him, take photos with him and made him a key piece and another member of the university community.

“Max the Cat has been a loving member of the Castleton family for years,” the university mentioned in a Facebook post. The students enjoy his company, holding him and taking selfies with him.

New students can enjoy Max's company, because he joins the new student tours, Max loves the attention given and the students cannot resist his feline charms.

The title received by Max's human mom, Ashley Dow on his behalf.

A Well Deserved Recognition

The decision to award Max an honorary doctorate in litter-ature is due to the positive impact he has on students. Max has been instrumental in creating a welcoming and supportive environment on the Castleton campus. Staying within the facilities has made it an icon of the University.

Max's Impact on the Community

Max's relaxing power has helped calm many students' anxiety and stress and has made him one of the students' most beloved companions. In a time where the emotional and mental well-being of students is a priority, Max's presence is a plus that not all study houses have and also know how to exploit.

Max's title, an “Honorary Doctorate in Litter-ature”, is a play on words, in which it seems to be in Literature, but he refers to Litter as the sandbox of the michis, an excuse to give him prominence and celebrate those who deserve it.

Dr Max – Class of 2024, showing off Max the Cat

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