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Jesús Navarro of the trio Reik pays tribute to his beloved dog Bowie

The group's vocalist said goodbye to his dog Bowie during a concert. He took advantage of the warmth of the audience to share a heartfelt tribute to who was his partner for more than 12 years.

Jesús Navarro, vocalist of the popular Mexican trio Reik, shared with his followers the painful loss of his beloved dog Bowie. Through an emotional message on Instagram, which shortly after spread to the stage, Jesús opened his heart and narrated the difficult moments that he has experienced with his faithful companion.

A month of struggle and hope

About a month ago, Jesús Navarro faced one of the most terrifying moments of his life when Bowie, whom he affectionately calls “mouse,” was about to leave this world. In his publication, the singer expressed: “I felt the worst mixture of terror and sadness that I can remember. For many years, Bowie has been my home. We change houses, cities, countries, friends… but the mouse and I are always together.”

Bowie, a tireless warrior, showed impressive strength by recovering and giving his human dad extra time to prepare for the inevitable. “I believe from the bottom of my heart that Bowie was tired and ready to leave, but he saw me so beat up that he made an effort to recover,” Navarro shared.

A well-deserved farewell on stage

Bowie's farewell not only moved Jesús Navarro, but also his followers and Reik fans. During a recent concert in Boston, Jesús couldn't hold back his tears as he dedicated a song to his beloved dog.

In the middle of his presentation, the performer addressed the audience saying: “A couple of days ago my dog, my best friend in life, left me, so I want to tell all of you that tonight I will be singing for him.” While the screen read “Bowie: 2012-2024,” the song “You Are My Sunshine” played in the background, creating a deeply emotional moment.

“If you can handle the responsibility, there is no better friend. Nothing is more worth it.”

A sincere thank you

Jesús Navarro also took advantage of his message on social networks to thank all the people who were by his side during the difficult days of Bowie's illness. He expressed his gratitude to doctors @ j.viramontess and @centrovetmx, as well as Dr. Dolores at @veterinariaspakan, who cared for and treated Bowie with dedication and affection.

In his final words, Jesus paid tribute to his “mouse,” thanking him for being a warrior and for staying by his side until the last moment. “Whether for a long or short time, we live happily and healthy with what we have left… And I wish the same for you who read this,” he concluded.

A legacy of love and company

Jesus and Bowie, an example of the love that can be felt for a pet, extending between them a bond that will not be broken. Bowie was not only a dog, but a true friend, companion, family for Jesús Navarro. His legacy of love and loyalty leaves us with a broken heart.

Bowie tribute at Boston concert

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