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Brazilian priest shelters street dogs

Every weekend he takes them to mass to try to give them up for adoption among parishioners and highlights the importance of giving them shelter.

For several years, João Paulo Araujo Gomes has been rescuing abandoned and injured dogs to find them a new home.

The information was shared on various web portals and the Instagram page @animalizar, which constantly publishes emotional stories of cute fur babies.

The priest of Brazilian origin affirms that “when I love, rescue and protect an animal, I am also doing it with humanity.”

On the other hand, once the patients are healed, he takes them to mass so that people are encouraged to adopt them. “They will always be able to enter, sleep, eat, drink water and find shelter and protection, because this house belongs to God and they belong to God,” he also says.

Faced with criticism for his work with the dogs, he adds: “Matthew 25 shows that we will be judged exactly by love. He Loves everyone, including nature and animals, and do not be afraid that the doors of heaven will open to you!

Committed to his dogs

The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia describes João as a “lover and fervent defender of animals.”

Apart from feeding and caring for the puppies, he takes them to the vet. In several interviews with local media, the priest explained that he has a dining room for these animals that operates 7 days a week. That is one of his main tasks with canines.

On one occasion the priest revealed the origin of his dog care. He explained that it all started when some parishioners came to his parish to sell charity cookies and that the proceeds would go to charity. “I proposed to them to pick up the dogs, adopt them and allow them to be in the church.”

However, Araujo Gomes has the support of many volunteers who help him take care of the animals and who in some cases end up adopting the dogs.

At the same time, the media details that the event occurs in Sant'Ana Gravatá, in the state of Pernambuco-Brazil.

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