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Animal rescue in Brazil: Sum of wills after the floods

The south of Brazil, the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is facing a devastating crisis as a result of recent floods. Just as many humans were affected, animals were not left behind. Thanks to social networks, numerous animals have been seen in desperate situations.

As a consequence, an exponential response has been generated in volunteers and organizations dedicated to animal rescue.

Aid, although it continues to arrive, is still necessary in the midst of the disaster

The scope of the disaster

In early May, incessant rains began to hit the region, causing rivers and reservoirs to overflow and submerging entire communities. Thousands of people have been displaced, and animals, both domestic and farm, are trapped and vulnerable in the middle of completely submerged spaces.

These kittens were born on day one of the floods, the mother cat and her puppies were able to be rescued alive after 10 days, a drop of hope

The response of the volunteers

Hundreds of volunteers have mobilized to rescue the trapped animals. A field hospital was established in an adapted gymnasium to provide medical care and temporary shelter to the rescued animals.

This effort has brought together veterinarians and committed citizens who work tirelessly to save lives, spaces for the collection and protection of many animals, supplies and wax, for their temporary stay.

A dog inside his house could be rescued, despite not being able to enter, they managed to throw stones, break the windows and call him to come closer, the dog in his innocence, trusted his rescuers, swimming towards them

stories of hope

The rescue stories are moving. Luisa, a volunteer, describes how she rescued a mixed-breed dog trapped in a partially submerged house. “We saw him from afar, on a table, shaking and barking desperately. We couldn't leave it there,” she says moved. After more than an hour of effort, they managed to get him out and take him to a safe place.

Another notable rescue involved a family of cats who took shelter on the roof of a house to escape the waters. Mario, a veteran rescuer, remembers how they had to use a boat to reach them. “They were terrified, but as soon as we had them in our arms, they stopped shaking,” he says.

Field hospital and care

Since its establishment, the field hospital has treated more than 500 animals. Volunteer veterinarians work extended shifts to care for these small animals, while donations of food and veterinary supplies have been key to saving and maintaining everything operational.

Caring community

The community solidarity has been overwhelming. People of all ages have volunteered their time, resources and effort, just as the name indicates, volunteers with total willingness and “will”, because every life counts.

Local businesses have supported with food and supplies, and many families have opened their homes as temporary shelters. Ana and Pedro, a retired couple, took in three rescued dogs and two cats. “We couldn't leave them on the street, they have already suffered enough,” says Ana, while she pampers one of the dogs.

Many kittens have been rescued, now is when there is a lot to do

Persistent challenges

Despite the efforts, the perseverance of these volunteer teams in the face of adversity predominates, now is what needs to be done. Many animals remain trapped or injured, and rescuers are working tirelessly.

Including animals in emergency plans, in the face of contingencies like this, can optimize the work of this avalanche of organizations, volunteers and temporary shelters.

One of the temporary shelter centers

Support from day one

There are local and international organizations that have continuously supported us in the midst of the crisis. Donations of food, medicine and funds are vital, as are more volunteers to help with rescues and the daily care of animals in temporary shelters.

As rescue and recovery efforts continue, hope lives on in every act of kindness. On behalf of all the rescued animals and those who continue to fight for their lives, the world thanks every volunteer, donor and community member who has extended a helping hand.

Empathy towards these images shows that every life deserves to be rescued, mothers with their babies, exhausted, diverse species supporting each other in adversity.

Not only have dogs and cats been rescued, but also farm animals such as pigs, chickens, cows, and horses. Every story, every life in this terrible situation, has been respected and these images have gone around the world.

The volunteer photographer @jeiheydt for @caes_resgatados_ with the hope of uniting hearts again

Reunions, temporary and adoptions

Heartwarming reunions have been achieved, as many of these rescued animals wait for that moment to see their families again. Organizations and volunteer photographers have supported the dissemination and Internet users have not stopped sharing images of these furry animals, in the hope of reuniting them and giving them a better quality of life outside of the shelters.

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