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Cats and their most peculiar characteristics

They have their own codes and ways of communicating with the world.

Felines are cunning and attractive creatures and that is something that cannot be denied, one of the most appreciated variants of this mysterious family of mammals are cats.

They have their own codes and ways of communicating with the world, as well as with their peers and other species.

By many they are considered cold and distant, but nothing is a coincidence; Without further ado, here are some facts about these companion doormats.

Trust and friendship

The meaning of these domestic felines lying on their back and rolling is the greeting, it is their way of saying “hello, I want to share with you.”

However, many may misinterpret the situation and caress them in the tummy as if it were a puppy, but this rather bothers them, because it is a sensitive part of them.

On the other hand, it is also synonymous with trust with their humans and that they also feel safe with them.

They claim what is theirs

Although they are tender and soft, they also have claws that they use, among other things, to mark territory.

Surely the image of scratched furniture is familiar to almost everyone, especially if you live with a cat, and they commit this prank to show when something belongs to them, as pointed out by the website tobipets. For this, they also tend to like rugs.

The wild ones do the same but with trunks and apart from that, to leave their record, it is worth noting that in their claws they have scent glands to communicate to other cats when a corner or object is theirs.

Likewise, they also go to rough edges to sharpen and remove dead skin from their claws.

Another thing they do to mark territory is lick their owners to mark them with their essence so that other cats know that they belong to them.

Cold and distant?

Not all cats are so given to affection, and they need their personal space to be respected at all times.

Meanwhile, although excessive affection is not something that excites them too much, it does not mean that they do not appreciate, love and consider those who live with them.

Biting by nature

There are multiple reasons why a kitten bites; It may be to communicate when something does not bother them, for example when they are affectionate in places where they do not like it.

At the same time, there is the possibility that it is a sign of aggression, to play or indicate that they want something.

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