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A pigeon was detained in India for being suspected of being a Chinese spy

The bird was released and acquitted of guilt after 8 months in detention

Incredible but true! India has released a pigeon that spent 8 months in police custody! The reason? They believed her to be a Chinese spy! This peculiar event has all the ingredients for a spy movie, but it is a true story that has left everyone speechless.

It all started last May, when the poor girl was captured in the port of Bombay. What was it that caught the attention of the authorities? Well, she had two rings tied to her paws with messages in Chinese! A movie situation, right?

Although researchers tried to decipher the messages, the handwriting turned out to be a complete enigma. And as a precaution, they decided to keep the pigeon in custody for 8 long months, just in case she was a spy sent by China!

However, the truth came to light thanks to extensive investigations. It turns out that this “spy bird” was participating in races in Taiwan! Who would have imagined it? After months of captivity, all charges against him were finally dropped.

The NGO Peta India was key in the process, ensuring the freedom and well-being of the animal. And they succeeded! Before being released, they made sure that the pigeon was in perfect health.

But this is not all, it seems that this is not the first case of “avian espionage” in India. In 2020, they made a similar mistake by capturing another pigeon in Kashmir, which turned out to be from a Pakistani fisherman! And in 2016, a pigeon intercepted on the border with Pakistan carried a threatening message towards the country's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi!

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