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New pipeline brings water to five communities in San Felipe

Communities had made the request through the VenApp

The Mayor's Office of the San Felipe municipality, Yaracuy state, began this Wednesday the work of supplying the Almaco water supply system to five communities in the San Javier - Marín parish, which will optimize the distribution of drinking water to more than 100%. of 8 thousand people from the area.

With this work, more than 2 thousand families from the Marín Centro, Banco Obrero, 29 de Septiembre, Nuevo Marín 1 and Nuevo Marín 2 sectors will benefit, who previously reported their situation of failures in the supply of the vital liquid, to the 1×10 system. of Good Government, through Line 58 of the VenApp application.

The mayor of San Felipe, Rogger Daza, supervised the start of the work, which will last approximately a month and a half, due to the number of connections and valves that must be installed to adapt the system to the benefited sectors.

The local leader mentioned that the work is carried out with the support of the Aguas de Yaracuy hydrological company and the Yaracuy government, institutions that jointly execute the corresponding actions.

“This is a large-scale work that is only possible in Revolución, thanks to the efforts that our President Nicolás Maduro and Governor Julio León put into their management to always improve the social conditions of the population,” highlighted the municipal leader.

Almaco Project: an effective solution

Daza explained that the addition of the aforementioned communities is part of the project to incorporate different sectors, from the San Javier-Marín and Albarico parishes, to the Almaco water system. This is fed by the Macagua and Peonío rivers, considered one of the main sources of water supply in the Yaracuyan capital.

To date, connections and adductions have been made in the Montes de Oro and La Sembradora sectors, which have benefited approximately 5 inhabitants of both communities. In a second stage, the Valle Verde, La Playita, El Paují I, El Paují II and El Paují III communities will be incorporated, which will benefit another 7 people.

He added that the total investment in the project amounts to 40 thousand dollars, allocated by the Interterritorial Compensation Fund (FCI).

Optimization of the entire system in the capital

Likewise, the municipal regent highlighted that when all the planned communities are connected to the Almaco system, the Cocorotico distribution network, which supplies water to the aforementioned parishes, will increase its pressure and will be able to bring the vital liquid to other sectors of San Felipe. .

In this regard, he explained that communities such as Cocorotico, Menca de Leoni, La Trilla, Las Mercedes, Pantanal, Cantarrana, Zumuco and La Ascensión will benefit from the increase in pressure of the Cocorotico system, with a more constant and reliable supply.

For his part, the head of the Marín Centro community, Anderson Guédez, expressed that the improvements planned with the Almaco project are the result of the joint work that the people and the government carry out for the collective good.

“There is nothing more effective than the coordinated work between the people and their government in the search for effective solutions to the problems that affect the population. This project is a clear example of this and how, by working together, we achieve extraordinary benefits for everyone,” the líder communal.

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