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Businessmen from Yaracuy will export local products from Lara

The Lara Foreign Trade Company (Emcoex) and businessmen from Yaracuy signed a letter of intent for the export of local products

The businessmen of the Yaracuy state, represented by the union movement “Yaracuy Podemos”, and the Lara Foreign Trade Company (Emcoex) signed a letter of intent with the purpose of promoting cooperation for the export of various items and products of the entity to different countries.

This was reported this Thursday by the Secretary General of the Government of Yaracuy, Juan Torrealba, who mentioned that the agreement was made with the mediation of the Government.

He explained that Emcoex will work with the governments of Lara and Yaracuy to perfect, reinvigorate and improve the region's economy, through the incorporation of the private sector in the export of items and merchandise of all kinds.

“For some time we have been committed to taking our products abroad, and with this agreement we are taking an important step towards the successful achievement of the stated objectives,” Torrealba stressed.

The official noted that Venezuela is no longer just oil, but also plant, animal and non-metallic mineral products, which can be offered to the foreign market. “And Yaracuy has everything in those three areas,” he stated.

Likewise, he explained that the regional government participates in the agreement by providing three essential factors: organization, training and legal support, so that, in the medium and long term, Yaracuy becomes a power state in the export of items such as avocado, corn and coffee. .

Successful alliance

For his part, the president of Emcoex and president of the “Jacinto Lara” Dry Port, Admiral Juan Carlos Romero Delgado, said that the letter of intent signed with Yaracuy enhances the strategic alliance between this state, Lara and their respective governorates.

He said that it is an agreement designed to provide added value of support and rapprochement to the entire agroindustrial sector in the region.

In this sense, he commented that in the four years of operation, Emcoex has marketed, in more than 30 countries, approximately one thousand containers with different items, not only from Lara but from different towns in the center-west of the country.

Likewise, he highlighted that the Puerto Seco “Jacinto Lara” intermodal terminal offers a significant advantage for the region, since “it is a strength that we have and we must know how to take advantage of and exploit, in the most appropriate way. And one of the most effective ways is to join efforts between states in the central west of the country such as Lara, Portuguesa and Yaracuy.”

Meanwhile, the president of Yaracuy Podemos, Alfonso Puche, pointed out that the signing of the document of intent between Emcoex and the Yaracuyan business community encourages the entire regional productive sector to work harder with the purpose of exporting their products.

“We are committed to collecting all the necessary information and supporting our Yaracuyan entrepreneurs to raise their products to export quality. With the help and advice of Emcoex we have that safe and reliable channel in everything related to tariffs, supervision, customs and export, to soon start exporting,” Puche pointed out.

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