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They rehabilitate agricultural roads in Yaracuy

1.500 linear meters of roads repaired in the Cocorotico sector

The Mayor's Office of Urachiche in the Yaracuy state, carried out the maintenance and repair of more than 1.500 linear meters of agricultural roads in the Cocorotico sector of the Camunare Rojo community of this jurisdiction, with the purpose of facilitating the transfer of the different agricultural products that were They grow in the area.

The mayor of Urachiche, Leonardo Intoci, reported this Tuesday that the works are part of the plan to recover agricultural roads that the national government is executing in the 14 municipalities of Yaracuy to guarantee the mobilization of crops from the production centers to the markets.

The work on the formation and rehabilitation of agricultural roads includes the cleaning of ditches, weeding and clearing the roads and the layout of the track with the use of heavy machinery.

In the case of Cocorotico, Intoci specified that with the recovery of the dirt road, more than 120 producers and 1.486 residents of the area benefit, who now have a more passable and safer road.

“It is a constant work that we do in rural sectors to guarantee that our producers' crops can be effectively mobilized to distribution centers and arrive in a timely manner to the tables of our people,” Intoci stressed.

Comprehensive benefits for the community

The mayor said that the action was also carried out to be prepared and effectively deal with any incident that may arise with the arrival of the rains in the entity.

Likewise, the work carried out facilitates the smooth passage of vehicles that travel to the various agricultural communities, where beans, corn and avocado are grown, among other items.

“We are going to consolidate all agricultural roads to guarantee agri-food sovereignty, not only of the municipality but also of the state and the nation. The commitment of the revolutionary Government is to support small and medium-sized producers who strive every day to contribute to the progress of the country,” Intoci noted.

For her part, Yasmira Sánchez, a resident of the Cocorotico community, indicated that the works are carried out jointly and articulated in order to improve the roads for the collective benefit.

“Thanks to God and to the revolutionary process led by our president Nicolás Maduro for providing well-being to the farmers and to us neighbors close to this area,” said the resident of the sector.

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