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They deliver inputs to Yaracuyan corn growers to plant 300 hectares

#Yaracuy Producers received seeds, fertilizers and other essential components for planting white corn

This Monday, the revolutionary Government delivered various agricultural inputs to five communal councils and private producers in the Bruzual municipality of Yaracuy state, for the planting of white corn on more than 300 hectares.

The ceremony for the delivery of the seeds and fertilizers took place at the headquarters of the Supply Center of the Bruzual mayor's office, where more than 50 corn producers came to withdraw the contribution for their communities.

The general secretary of the Government of Yaracuy, Juan Torrealba, said that the financing provided supports the micro and small producers of the Bruzual corn axis, who have traditionally planted the cereal through generations.

He explained that, as a result of the blockade and economic sanctions that foreign powers maintain against the Venezuelan people, corn production in the entity has declined to levels never before recorded.

“Before the sanctions, 22.500 hectares were successfully planted in our state, with the credit support of the Government and public banks; But the following days were left on the ground due to sabotage by the United States government and its allies in the coup opposition in our country,” the official recalled.

Likewise, he explained that thanks to the resistance of the people and the skillful and timely action of the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro, the difficult stage is passing and the country is in clear economic recovery. "This is evident in this type of acts, which will continue to be carried out in the rest of the state to reactivate and strengthen the regional productive apparatus."

Reactivation of producing communities

For his part, the mayor of Bruzual, Carlos Gonzáles, described the act as a historic event, because with the supplies delivered, the benefited communal councils will be able to begin producing again at levels that are profitable for them, as they have not been able to do for some years. could do.

He said that the communities served with this agricultural financing are: Las Delicias, La Bartola, El Ceibal, Los Colorados, Poa Poa and La Virgen, which will begin to plant corn on lands with moderate extensions and in family farms.

“We are delivering the seeds, fertilizers and urea for corn production, in addition to specialized support from the mayor's technicians. Despite the limitations, the sanctions and the block, we are called to win, to produce the food and food necessary for our people,” stated the municipal regent.

The president said that in the 300 hectares mentioned it is estimated that more than 2 and a half million kilos of corn will be harvested, which will contribute to guaranteeing the food security of the people of Bruzual. “It is a modest contribution from our producers, a great start in rescuing the production levels that we have always had,” he stated.

Happy producers

The farmers who attended the input delivery event agreed that such financing constitutes great support to move forward and recover corn production in the town.

“We had not received financing of any kind for almost 10 years, which forced us to reduce production to minimum levels, only for family consumption. But, with this great help we are going to recover and continue advancing towards the victorious destiny that we have,” highlighted the spokesperson for Community Planning of the “La Bartola” Communal Council, Wilder Alvarado.

In that same sense, the spokesperson for Urban Lands of the “Simón Arias” Communal Council, Blanco Mendoza Rivas, highlighted that in his community about 50 landowners benefit from the inputs received.

“We are going to plant corn as we had not done in a while, thanks to the support of our president Nicolás Maduro. This is the beginning and we are sure that with this support and our firm and constant work to contribute to the production of food for our communities,” mentioned Mendoza Rivas.

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