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They will promote laws to strengthen popular power in Yaracuy

Parliament estimates to present the laws before the end of the year and that they come into force in 2024

The Yaracuy State Legislative Council (Cley) this Thursday presented a management balance of the last 7 months, while announcing the work plan for the remainder of this year, which includes the formulation and approval of a compendium of laws that will be aimed at strengthening popular power.

The president of the Yaracuyan parliament, Ángel Gamarra, together with the rest of the legislators, reported that the proposed laws to be evaluated and sanctioned will have the purpose of providing practical tools for the communities to participate so that they promote government co-management in the search for the solutions to your problems.

He stressed that the bills are formulated with proposals from the communities: “The plan is to adapt the laws to the new realities, so that the communes make participatory and protagonist democracy certain. We are evaluating these proposals to concatenate and adjust them with those promoted by the National Assembly so that they govern the destinies of popular power in the region as they should,” Gamarra stressed.

The plan is that the approved laws become effective management instruments so that the communities can govern and the institutions obey the orders and actions of the people.

approval of laws

On the other hand, he highlighted that the Cley has advanced in important areas with the approval of several laws that positively affect the functioning of governance in the entity.

Ángel Gamarra highlighted that legislators recently approved the Law for the Protection of Protected Water Zones with the purpose of taking measures that help preserve the region's aquifers. Subsequently, other legal instruments that regulate the presence of human beings in these areas will be evaluated in order to minimize the environmental impact they cause.

Gamarra indicated that they also approved a law recognizing educators and another that honors lawyers. Likewise, the Yaracuy State Transportation Law and the Regional Tourism Law were reformed to adapt them to the new conditions and realities of the state.

The president of the Cley meant that the state legislature is resuming its hard work in the communities, after two years of the pandemic.

In this sense, he recalled that the state parliament integrates a permanent regional commission for the defense of the economic rights of consumers and users, which is in charge of supervising state businesses to prevent them from incurring irregularities or abuses to the detriment of the people.

"We have recovered the institutionality of Cley, governance, to make parliament closer to the people and meet their needs, as we do every day through our different commissions," Gamarra said.

The Anniversary Cley

Similarly, the parliamentarian recalled that during this and next week a series of special activities are scheduled to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the creation of the Yaracuy State Legislative Council (Cley) on August 6.

He said that there will be cultural, sports and legislative days that include an expo fair for entrepreneurs, a solemn and extraordinary session of the legislative body, a poetic gathering, a thanksgiving mass and even an event in which the Queen of the state parliament will be elected. .

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