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In four months, 933 projects are approved by the street government in Yaracuy

The proposals address public services, wells, schools and fields, installation of lighting, provision of school kitchens, among others.

The governor of the Yaracuy state, Julio León, confirmed this Friday the approval of 933 community projects through the street governments in the entity.

The regional leader mentioned that the projects promoted by the people serve priority sectors in health, public services, education, infrastructure, security, sports and culture, under the ABC modality (Low cost, High impact and Short execution time).

He mentioned that it is a highly efficient methodology, which is aligned with the 1×10 system of Good Government, the Bricomiles, large missions, government and mayoralties.

On the other hand, he announced that, in the coming days, there will be a day aimed at the religious sector of the state, “that covers the Catholic, Evangelical and Adventist churches, to begin a first stage of rehabilitation of the temples,” he stated.

More works for the people

León recalled the inauguration, by President Nicolás Maduro, of four important works: the Río Claro aqueduct in Cocorote, the four operating rooms of the San Felipe Central Hospital, the rehabilitation of the Casa Taller Cecilia Mujica Educational Unit in Independencia and the recovery of the Casa del Maestro in San Felipe.

He mentioned that these projects are part of a batch of works in progress, which will also soon be delivered to the communities, among which the first stage of the rehabilitation of the Andresote Cultural Center, in Veroes, stands out, where waterproofing and maintenance works are being carried out. the roofs.

He indicated that the work is carried out through the Bricomiles de Cultura within the framework of the Great Mission Viva Venezuela.

Likewise, he specified that at the San Felipe hospital, waterproofing work is being carried out on 12.000m2 and the intensive care unit and the dentistry service are being rehabilitated.

He announced the next intervention in the areas of the pathological anatomy laboratory, the delivery room, maternity A and B, outpatient consultation, laboratory and blood bank of the San Felipeño hospital.

“The Bricomiles hospital plays an important role in all these works, thanks to the work and commitment of more than 70 men and women committed to the corresponding works,” León stressed.

Likewise, he assured that the recovery of the emergency area of ​​the Niño Jesús Pediatric Hospital in San Felipe will advance; traumashock, obstetric emergency and the operating rooms of the Padre Oliveros hospital, in Nirgua; and the operating rooms of the Rafael Rangel Hospital, in Yaritagua.

The rehabilitation of the Salom outpatient clinic in Nirgua is also scheduled; from the Farriar outpatient clinic and El Guayabo, in Veroes; and from the outpatient clinic, CDI and SRI, in Boraure. In addition, the adaptation of the new Boraure maternity hospital is planned.

Hospital infrastructure has special attention

Road rehabilitation

In terms of roads, he detailed the execution of the plan on gravel roads, through the Yaracuy Bonito foundation, whose work is carried out with material extracted from the asphalt on the central western Cimarrón Andresote highway, recently recovered.

With the placement of gravel (reused asphalt), more than 6 km of roads were paved. These jobs impact more than 1.500 rural working families.

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