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1.085 communities committed to Maduro in Yaracuy

The electoral machinery in favor of the re-election of President Maduro includes more than 9.500 street bosses, distributed in 514 UBCh

The different political organizations that make up the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) in Yaracuy have a solid electoral structure in the 1.085 communities of the 14 municipalities of the entity, stated this Monday the electoral coordinator of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the state , Luis Duque.

The pesuvista leader said that the electoral machinery in favor of the re-election of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, includes more than 9.500 street bosses, distributed in 514 Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCh). These líderPoliticians manage various 1×10 lists with their neighbors in their corresponding jurisdictions.

Duque mentioned that on Sunday, the review and evaluation of the 1X10 electoral by the PSUV machinery, the strong commitment that the Yaracuyan people have with the revolution and with President Nicolás Maduro was evident.

“All of our electoral machinery was activated in the 1.085 communities to verify the 1×10 on each street and organize ourselves for the great victory that we will have on July 28, when we all unitedly ratify Nicolás Maduro in the presidency,” he assured.

Organization is the key

The representative of the PSUV indicated that the organization of the electoral machinery around the 1×10 lists guarantees victory in the presidential elections, since this instrument is essential for the mobilization and participation of the people on the day of the presidential elections.

In this sense, he highlighted that the Sunday exercise, in which a comprehensive audit of the 1×10 lists was carried out throughout the country, served to verify the effectiveness of the organization in attracting and mobilizing the people in defense of Homeland.

“An extraordinary day was completed, with direct contact with the patriotic and conscious people to encourage voting and guarantee an overwhelming victory in the elections on July 28. We have a well-oiled machinery, ready to deliver the final blow to that stateless opposition that only seeks to seize power to hand over the country to foreign interests,” Duque stated.

He explained that from early on, and with the 1X10 in hand, on Sunday house-to-house visits were carried out to each of the registered people, then the socialization of activists continued to, finally, successfully conclude the audits of the lists throughout the territory of the state.

Duque explained that the Venezuela Nuestra campaign command, made up of the PSUV and the rest of the GPP's allied factors, pays special attention to the electoral organization so that all revolutionaries come to vote on July 28. “That day there will be a great mobilization of the people in defense of the homeland,” he predicted.

Likewise, he urged maintaining unity and being deeply aware of the historical moment we are experiencing, expressing love and loyalty to the legacy of Commander Chávez and ratifying his son, Nicolás Maduro, in the presidency, to be able to successfully advance along the path of recovery and progress of the country.

“The strategy of the revolution will continue to be the perfect organization, in maintaining direct contact with the people, listening to them and serving them as instructed by President Maduro and our regional liaison Julio León in the 14 municipalities. Only in this way will we achieve a new popular victory on July 28,” he emphasized.

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