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Xi calls for international solidarity, cooperation over global crisis

Xi Jinping, President of China, warned this Monday, during his speech at the virtual session of the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, that the current international confrontation could have "catastrophic consequences" for the world and urged global leaders to abandon the “Cold War mentality” that develops as relations between major powers deteriorate.

The Chinese president invited to put aside the conflict and bet on "peaceful coexistence" and mutual benefit, this regarding the tensions that are increasing in areas of influence of Russia and China by the US and the Atlantic Treaty Organization North (NATO), in addition to situations prone to confrontation in scenarios that include North Korea, the Middle East or the Pacific.

"Our current world is far from calm," Xi said, specifying that "rhetoric that fuels hatred and prejudice abounds," referring to "acts of containment, suppression, or confrontation" undertaken by some countries.

He referred to situations that "greatly harm" world peace and security.

It is worth remembering that along with the Russian eastern border, NATO contingents are gathered, keeping the armed forces of the Slavic country active.

"History has shown time and time again that confrontation does not solve problems" he stressed and denounced that "protectionism and unilateralism cannot protect anyone" but rather "harm the interests of others, as well as their own". He added that "even worse are the practices of hegemony and intimidation."

He described divergences and disagreements as normal, but warned that an "excessive approach to the concept of national security" could be harmful.