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HomeWorldWHO asks líderglobal strategies against new pandemics

WHO asks líderglobal strategies against new pandemics

The WHO director urged "prepare" for the possibility of new pandemics emerging

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday urged líderIt is up to the world to design different strategies to face deadlier pandemics.

For this reason, the director of the WHO urged to "prepare" for the possibility of new pandemics emerging

"When the next pandemic arrives, which it will, we must be prepared to respond decisively, collectively and equitably," said WHO director Tedro Adhanom Ghebreyesus, quoted by the portal The World.

For the director of the WHO, pandemics are far from being the only threat and pointed out that new pathogens and new pandemics will arrive, for which he urged the líderIt is global to design a strategy to face these challenges.

In this sense, he recalled that the covid-19 pandemic set a precedent in history and left a "high cost for mental health", not only for citizens, but for health workers around the world.

“The pandemic has presented us with unprecedented challenges,” added the doctor.

The WHO points out that, in addition, these affectations can be derived from the variants that developed from covid-19, for which reason it maintains the alert for "new waves of diseases and deaths".

It should be remembered that, at the beginning of May, the WHO declared the end of the global health emergency due to the covid-19 pandemicHowever, he urged to maintain biosecurity measures to prevent cases from rising.

In this regard, the director of the WHO indicated that "the pandemic has diverted us from course, but it has shown us why the Sustainable Development Goals must continue to be our lodestar and why we must pursue them with the same urgency and determination with which we we counteracted the pandemic.”

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