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They warn of a plan to stop elections in Colombia

The Ombudsman's Office indicates 290 municipalities at extreme risk

"If there is an attempted coup against the elections, if we try to prevent them, we remain absolutely calm," Gustavo Petro, the candidate for the presidency of Colombia for the Historical Pact (PH), asked from Cali.

“What the most delusional part of the corrupt regime that governs us is trying to do is unleash a violent social outburst to have the excuse of definitively suspending the elections in Colombia and perpetuating themselves in power,” he assured along with his running mate Francia Márquez.

Petro's complaint occurred the same day that peace signer number 21 of 2022 was assassinated in Bogotá, at midday. The UN counted more than 78.900 people confined in their localities or displaced from them by violence in four months, without count another 207 who fled Chocó on Tuesday after the 40th massacre of the year, in a scenario that threatens popular participation for the elections on Sunday, May 29.

The Ombudsman's Office warned that in 290 municipalities there is an extreme risk of violation of the rights of their populations in the midst of the wave of death that is plaguing the nation.

Yesterday the PH was in Medellin. Petro promised that "if he is president, the usurpation of the mayor's office will end," in reference to the suspension and substitution of the mayor of that city, Daniel Quintero, by the Colombian Attorney General's Office. This Saturday he will be in Barranquilla and on Sunday he will close his campaign in Bogotá.

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