The UN will request funds for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan on Monday

The coordinator of Emergency Aid of the United Nations (UN) Martín Griffiths, reported that they will make an important request for funds for Afghanistan this Monday, September 13.

In the interview, which took place at the Palais des Nations, the UN building in Geneva, Martin Griffiths also said that, by Monday, he expected to receive written assurances from the Taliban deputy prime minister that humanitarian agencies and their partners will be able to operate freely within Afghanistan and have full control of its operations.

The Taliban, he assures, need the presence of the agencies in the country, given the difficult economic situation.

“Two thirds of the country needs humanitarian aid. That was even before the latest events. So we have reassessed the humanitarian needs, we have added more due to the current circumstances, and what we hope to see on Monday are promises and commitments that allow us to move forward, "he said during an interview for UN News.

The urgent appeal of more than 600 million dollars to support some 11 million people until the end of the year - is, according to Griffiths, an opportunity to expose the critical needs of Afghans to the Member States, and for them to commit to collaborate with the UN to meet those needs in very difficult circumstances.

Griffiths met in Kabul with Afghans displaced by the conflict and upheaval that led to the Taliban seizure of power on August 15.

The UN emergency aid chief stressed that during his visit to Kabul, he asked the Afghan authorities to respect the right of women and girls; and the written guarantee that the agencies will be able to operate in the country without restrictions 

"They promised that the rights of women and girls will be respected, according to the religion and culture of Afghanistan," she said.

However, he noted that it is a work in progress that should continue to be discussed in the coming days, even weeks.

The UN emergency aid chief also spoke with the Taliban about the conditions necessary for humanitarian agencies to function. He said he spoke with Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar and his advisers about the safety of humanitarian workers, the freedom of agencies to employ whoever they want - both men and women - and ensuring that operations would be independent and controlled by the agencies themselves.

"Mullah Baradar, who is one of the main leaders of the movement in this new administration, confirmed his support for all these elements," said Mr. Griffiths. “It is essentially a description of the humanitarian space in which agencies operate. You are now turning, at my request, those oral commitments into written assurances. And we hope to have that letter of yours with us on Monday here in Geneva »



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