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Trump will appeal trial and predicts a country in flames if he is imprisoned

Supporters of the former president threaten that the attack on the Capitol “will be child's play” if Trump goes to jail.

Former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021) this Friday avoided talking about the question that everyone in the United States is asking today about whether he will go to jail and how that will affect his presidential campaign, and dedicated himself to paint a country on fire because of Joe Biden's Government.

The Republican candidate 'in pectore' - who has yet to be proclaimed in July - appeared at the Trump Tower on his property on Fifth Avenue and spoke for a long half hour, without allowing questions, flanked by his campaign team and a row of flags Americans.

He dedicated much of his words to discussing the legality of the trial that ended Thursday with a guilty verdict on 34 counts and announced that he will appeal based on numerous arguments, such as that Judge Juan Merchan prevented the appearance of numerous witnesses and also prevented him from speaking on numerous occasions.

In his conference, Trump justified his actions and attacked the justice system that accused him. Photo EFE

Trump took his time to attack the central part of the crime for which he was convicted - the irregular payment to a porn actress and the falsification of business records to hide it - and said that he only dedicated himself to paying "legal expenses", and that everything was “very professional”, without ever naming his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who was the one who revealed those payments and became, in fact, the main piece of conviction.

“We are losing our country”; “we have a corrupt country, with corrupt elections”; “we are at 36 trillion (dollars of debt)”; “Unprecedented numbers of terrorists are coming to our country” or “we have open borders” were his main messages.

“Trumpism” on a civil war footing

Around a hundred Trump supporters gathered this Friday in front of Trump Tower in New York while the former president, found guilty yesterday by criminal means of 34 crimes of document falsification, offered a press conference in this building about the verdict.

Far from pessimism reigning, the Trump supporters who gathered on the famous Fifth Avenue were convinced that the former president will not face jail time when on July 11 the judge in charge of the case, Juan Merchan, sets the sentence, but also They warned of strong mobilizations if the opposite happens.

“If they imprison him, January 6 (2021, when the assault on the Capitol took place) will seem like child's play,” Dion, a New Yorker who proudly says he was present on the aforementioned date in Washington, told EFE. the one in which Trump supporters tried to reverse the election of Joe Biden - and that the FBI has him "booked."

Supporters of the former president made a lukewarm show of force in front of Trump Tower. Photo EFE

Dion, one of the founders of the website 'trumpordeath.com' where he sells giant flags with the tycoon's face and 'Make America Great Again' caps for $40, also showed his support for the Proud Boys, the ultra-nationalist group of extreme right that played a fundamental role in the coup attempt at the Capitol.

And he added: “If it happens, we will challenge any authority. Police, military… We will see how far they can go and if they can shoot civilians.”

Xenophobia against China and Venezuela

The extremist tycoon did not miss one of his favorite topics, that of immigration, by emphasizing that Biden's 'open door' policy "allows people from unknown countries to enter the country, from unknown places, with languages ​​that one I had never heard before.”

He cited three countries in particular as the origin of this migratory wave: Democratic Republic of the Congo, China and Venezuela.

He painted the Chinese as an army. “In recent times, I have seen them standing in line, they look like perfect soldiers, almost all men, between 19 and 25 years old, as if you were in a recruiting exercise, with good stores, with the best cell phones you can buy. But what's happening here? “It's like they're raising an army!” he said.

And he directly attributed the crime figures to Venezuelans, assuring that the Venezuelan Government dedicated itself to emptying its country's prisons and sending its criminals to the United States, who live "in luxury hotels while our (war) veterans "They sleep on the street like dogs."


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