There are a hundred social leaders assassinated in Colombia this year

With the murder of the young Andrés Córdoba Tamaniza, of the Embera Chami people, there are a hundred social leaders murdered in Colombia since January 1 of this year to date.

The Institute for Development and Peace (Indepaz), assured that a police lieutenant in Caldas is between the two captured by the violent death of the community member of the Totumal indigenous reservation, in Belalcazar.

According to Indepaz, with this new crime, 216 social leaders have been murdered in the country since the signing of the Peace Agreement to date.

The Traditional Authorities, the Board of Directors and the Embera Chami community of the Totumal reservation condemned 'the forced disappearance, the homicide and cruel and degrading treatment of which Córdoba Tamaniza was a victim.

Through a statement, they stated that they have warned in a timely manner about the risks and human rights violations that put the security, harmony and survival of this community in suspense.

However, local, regional and national governments systematically and historically underestimate alerts, complaints and serious human rights violations against the community.

They held the State and its institutions responsible for this serious violation of human rights by not protecting or avoiding this type of event.

They called on the Public Ministry, Prosecutor's Office and competent investigation and sanction agencies to generate coherent and exemplary criminal proceedings.

We alert the national and international community of human rights defenders to be vigilant and supportive of the protection and demand of human rights towards the Embera Chami People of the Totumal Reservation, they stressed. / Latin Press.



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