The UN and Europe condemn the disproportionate use of force in Colombia

Photo: AFP

This Tuesday, the spokesperson for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Marta Hurtado, said that from this UN instance they are deeply alarmed by the actions of the Colombian security forces in the city of Cali.

"We are deeply alarmed by the events that occurred in the city of Cali (southwest) in Colombia last night, when the police opened fire on protesters protesting the tax reform, killing and wounding several people, according to the information received", declared while denouncing that "human rights defenders also reported that they have been harassed and threatened."

According to the Ombudsman of Colombia (Ombudsman), Carlos Camargo, on Monday night an official of the entity, together with one of the Attorney General's Office - in charge of investigating irregularities of officials - and three human rights defenders, were attacked by the security forces while assisting detainees in Cali.

The five "were threatened by national police officers who fired repeatedly into the air and at the ground, threw stun grenades, verbally abused them and demanded that they leave the place," he said.

This condemnation was joined by the European Union, which called to contain the situation, noting that the disproportionate action by security organizations affects the "legitimate right to protest and peaceful assembly, as well as freedom of expression."

"It is really a priority to contain the escalation of violence and avoid the disproportionate use of force," he said while "condemning the death of all the people who have perished in these protests."

Cali war zone

On Monday night, through social networks, residents of the city of Cali denounced the militarization of this urban cone by posting videos where the intense deployment of uniformed men is observed who, carrying long weapons and hoods, entered urban planning and neighborhoods to repress the protests .

In the midst of the action that has left a still unknown number of deaths and injuries, the UN had to intervene through its officials to request a ceasefire and remove the injured from a popular sector where the actions of security agencies has been condemned.



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