Senate appoints Joseph Lambert as interim president of Haiti

Joseph Lambert was elected with 8 out of ten House votes

The Haitian Senate on Friday appointed Joseph Lambert, current head of the upper house, as provisional president of the Republic, and denies the authority of the interim prime minister, Claude Joseph, who has been in power since the assassination of Jovenel Moise with the support of the UN and the US

The resolution, signed by eight of the ten senators who are still active, considers that Claude Joseph was dismissed from his post last Monday, in the last decree signed by Moise before his assassination on Wednesday, Lambert confirmed to Efe.

According to the resolution, Lambert will assume the leadership of the State until February 7, 2022, the date on which Moise's term ends, and his first task will be to form "a government of national entente" with the mission of organizing the elections.

Within a period of fifteen days after the inauguration, an electoral council will be formed in charge of calling the elections, a call that would take place in the last week of July.

"Restoring security and holding credible elections in the shortest reasonable time are the two priorities of the Provisional Government," the document states.

In its recitals, the resolution affirms that Claude Joseph cannot exercise the functions of prime minister since last Monday, President Moise appointed Ariel Henry to that position by decree, but the latter was not invested before the president's death. .

After the assassination, Joseph took charge of the Government, supported by the Police and the Army, and has received the explicit support of the UN, the United States and other countries to carry out these functions.

The interim prime minister has assured that he intends to maintain the electoral calendar planned before Moise's death, which includes the holding of presidential and legislative elections, as well as a referendum to approve a new Constitution, on September 26.

The Senate is the only body in the country that has elected positions, but since January 2020 this legislative chamber has not been empowered to make decisions due to lack of a quorum.

The Chamber of Deputies and two-thirds of the Senate should have been renewed in 2019, but the elections were postponed due to the political instability that the country was experiencing then, which led to the closure of the legislature. EFE

On the other hand, AFP reported that Haiti asked the United States and the UN to send troops to protect its ports, airport and other strategic sites after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, a minister of the Haitian government said on Friday.

After the assassination on Wednesday, “we thought that the mercenaries [accused of the crime] could destroy some infrastructure to create chaos in the country. During a conversation with the Secretary of State of the United States and the UN, we made this request, "Elections Minister Mathias Pierre told AFP.



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